Strawberry Cheese Cake Kulfi - A Sweet treat for Diabetic

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If you're following a strict diabetic diet, a disciplined routine, then at the end of the day, you need to reward yourselves with delectable dessert. A common and seriously erroneous belief among diabetics is the usage of Jaggery, Honey and Dates as sweeteners to satisfy their sweet tooth. Local sweet meat vendors serve lush sweets, labeled as sugar free and cushioned in dates. And most diabetics consume them to satisfy their sugar cravings.  What one is ignorant about is the fact that Jaggery, Dates and Honey have higher Glycemic Index than the infamous Sugar itself. And hence these sweeteners may be healthier option for the normal people, it may spell disturbance for a diabetic.

Having said that, we bring you an easy-to-make, light, refreshing dessert, which can be made with several seasonal fruits, without the use of any artificial sweetener.

Strawberry Cheese Cake Kulfi
Preparation time: 15min (excl. 8hr freezing)

200ml   Milk
½ Cup  Strawberry (You can replace this with any seasonal fruit)
40g       Paneer (you may opt for low fat Paneer)
10g       Almonds (chopped)
10g       Corn Flour
1 pinch Green Cardamom Powder

Boil the milk and reduce its quantity up to half. Add elaichi powder. Mix corn flour in little water (ensure it does not form lumps) and add this to the Milk. Boil, until the mixture is thick. Remove from fire and allow it to cool.

Grind the paneer to a paste and set aside. Wash the Strawberries and make a pulp. Add the pulp, Paneer paste and chopped Almonds to the thickened mixture of Milk.

Transfer this mixture to a good vessel and keep it to freeze for 8 - 9 hrs.

Garnish with strawberries. Serve chilled.

Let this delicious diabetic dessert recipe let you indulge your sweet tooth, keeping the guilt at bay!!!


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