Rating System

The 'Kaddu' rating has been developed on scientific principles to evaluate the nutritional goodness of a food product. This system is simple, easily identifiable, understandable and not limited to a language. This resulted in the creation of the unique 'Pumpkin' or 'Kaddu' visual rating system where 5 stars (*****) signify highly nutritious foods whereas a 1/2 (*) star signifies a highly processed food product, low in nutrition.

Here is a glimpse at how the rating system works:

  • Nutrient Content

    Foods with healthy ingredients such as proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals get a higher rating.

  • Quantity Matters

    The rating system takes into consideration the quantity of a nutrient present, both as absolute weight (in gms) and as %Daily Value (%DV).

  • Natural beats Artificial

    We believe that a natural ingredient is better than an artificial one. Thus, the rating system discourages the use of food additives but also acknowledges the need for fortification.

  • Balance is the Key

    The rating system stresses on the intake of all nutrients in their right quantities. It recognizes that an excess or deficiency of any nutrient is harmful for the body.

  • Trans Fat

    With cardiovascular disorders on the rise, the rating system takes a minute look at the product categories and products which are likely to contain unhealthy 'Trans Fat'.

Besides the Kaddu rating, we also highlight the strong and weak aspects of a product and encourage our users to read our analysis to get a better understanding of the product.

If you have a view or input regarding analysis or rating of any food product or would like to have a product included on Purple Kaddu, write to us at connect@purplekaddu.com.