Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is PurpleKaddu all about ? is an online health guide that helps you choose food suitable to you as per your diet preference or for just being healthy. It answers the question ‘What should I eat’ or ‘which food is better’.


    Through PurpleKaddu we empower you to

    • Make Healthy Choice – PurpleKaddu rates and reviews food using an algorithm based on nutritional science.
    • Healthy Alternative – We suggest healthy alternative to the foods that may not be healthy for you. You can also compare and understand packaged foods based on their nutrition disclosures.
    • Personalized as per health goal  – If you have a health Goal, PurpleKaddu will help you track the calorie or other nutrient consumed based on your diet or health goal requirement.
    • Allergy Indicator  –  We take care of any of your special dietary needs, we flag food indicating if it contains any allergens that is not suitable for you. 

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    Does PurpleKaddu have tie-ups/alliance with the product companies to gather the product information ?

    We buy all the packaged foods that we review from the stores. Many of our users also contribute the products for review by providing product images including ingredients and nutritional facts. We are not affiliated with any Food Manufacturing companies. 

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    How does PurpleKaddu rate the products ?

    Well its simple we reward the goodness and penalize the not so good. The Kaddu rating has been developed on basis of the Nutritional Science principles to evaluate the nutritional balance of a food product. The rating uses only the Nutritional information provided on the food product labels without any input or influence from the Food companies.

    For a more detailed explanation, please click ‘Rating System’. 

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    How do I search for the Product ?

    To search a product, type in either the ‘Product’ or ‘Brand’ name in the search box and click the ‘Is this healthy’ button. We even make it easy by prompting options based on your input to make the search quicker. We suggest that you enter the product name as precise as possible.

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    I searched for a Product and it’s not listed, How do I get PurpleKaddu to review it ?

    Well if the Product is not listed, you can request the review by sharing the Front Image, Panel image that has the Nutritional Information table and the ingredients list.  The option to request for review is available when you search or browse for products. You would need to login to request for a product review. Click here to Request a Review for your favorite product now.

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    If I find a discrepancy in a Product information listed on PurpleKaddu, how do I report it ?

    If you think we've made a mistake or there is a problem with a product review, click on the Report Item link available in the product review section. You would need to login to report a discrepancy in a product.

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    I am Lactose Intolerant, can PurpleKaddu help me ?

    You can leave your worry of ‘is this product suitable for me’ to us. Let us know if you have any food intolerance and we will raise the flag. In case you are Lactose intolerant we ensure its not only Animal milk or fat that are checked but also watch out for other variants like Milk Solids, or any additives or preservatives that might have casein, caseinate or whey which may contain traces of lactose.

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    Can PurpleKaddu help me with my health Goal to Lose Weight ?

    Yes, we are here help achieve your Health Goal be it ‘Lose Weight’ or just eat healthy. The Nutritional Facts table for each product is customized as per your personal information. We warn you with ‘Not For You’ badge for the products that are not aligned with your health goal like too much Fat or Sugar etc. Read the Purple Kaddu Review to know more about the product and get Healthy Alternatives that are more suitable to your health goal.

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    What does ‘Not for you’ badge mean ?

    Once you set your profile on PurpleKaddu, we know what you're looking for — Weight Loss? Allergic to MSG? You prefer Veg?

    We'll show you which foods are right for you. In case you wish to browse any way then look out for ‘Not For You’ badge, as it indicates that the product is not suitable for you.

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    Does PurpleKaddu replace a Nutritionist ?

    PurpleKaddu is a health guide that will help you follow the diet recommended by your Nutritionist. You can find the food you can eat without worrying about cheating on recommendations given by your Nutritionist / Medical Professional.  In case you do not have a Nutritionist, PurpleKaddu still helps you eat healthy by pointing out the good and bad in a product and through it’s proprietary rating system.