The Tough Flower - Clove

Tough Flower Clove - Spice
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Indians and spices seem to have a strong connection. Kitchens are just incomplete without a space for the masalas. Meal preparations taste bland if spices are missing. Infact, Indian dishes are not Indian, unless flavoured with spices. But, spices impart not just taste. They bring with it some health benefits and a fascinating history too. One such spice is the flower-like looking clove.

A close observation of clove makes me wonder on the beauty of nature. Clove is the dried unopened flower bud of a tree, belonging to the Myrtaceae family. Its beauty lies in plucking it on-time, such that it should not blossom. How else could one enjoy the sweet and pungent clove. But, its not all fragrance, clove has some goodness stored in for you. Let’s check it out.

Clove Medicinal properties

It is so annoying when you just can’t control those harsh throat-aching coughs! I recollect my grandma’s remedy at this time. Just place a clove in your mouth. Cloves can help the esophagus produce more phlegm and act as an expectorant, making coughs less severe and more productive. Its a tried and tested-trick, and it really works!

In Ayurveda, cloves have been used to treat respiratory and digestive problems. Few cloves, a cinnamon stick and couple of cardamom seeds boiled in water is an effective solution for cold.

Clove oil contains eugenol, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, topical application of clove oil provides relief from joint pain.

Clove rubbed on gums is a home remedy for toothache. It should not be surprising if the next dental add says, “Kya aapke toothpaste mein clove hai?”

Clove folklore

In the olden days, if you were to speak to the Chinese Emperor, it was compulsory for you to chew clove. That’s because clove would sweeten your breath.

In the present times too, clove is used in households as a mouth freshener. Here’s another reason for the toothpaste companies to add clove in their next tooth-friendly paste.

To add to your amaze, cloves are said to shoo-off ants. If you spot some ants lining up and can’t get your hands on the commercial insect spray, try sprinkling some cloves. Cloves are also used to protect rice from insect infestation. 4 - 5 whole cloves in a kg of rice are sufficient. The aroma it imparts to the rice is an added bonus!

For those interested in the magical properties of clove, you’ll be happy to learn that cloves are known to provide protection- both physically and mentally. If you are worried about some attack or an evil eye directed towards you, burn some cloves. The smoke will act as your bodyguard. Clove also brings in love and an abundance of money - who does not want that.

Feel like getting drunk but can’t afford to go to work next day with red swollen eyes and a bad hangover? Suck on two whole cloves. No need to chew or swallow it. This will help to curb your desire for alcohol.
The cloves symbolize little phalluses and hence were thought to boost male potency. Clove oil application was suggested to prevent premature ejaculation.

So, clove can get you compliments for your lip-smacking dish, can be your doctor-at-home, your bodyguard, your love guru and also your secret to fresh breath. That’s a good amount of reasons to buy the cute looking tough flower. 


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