How to develop exercise routine for kids

fun excercise for kids
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Adults join a structured workout class or a gym. But, what about kids? They too need some form of activity. Because 'All work and no play makes kids dull'. I am sure parents will agree to this. Following are a few fun-to-do activities which will easily fall into kids daily routine. 



jumping jack workout for kids

Jumping Jacks:

This is a jump done in standing position with arms and legs pointing outwards. This video explains how to do it perfectly. Besides, its just jumping. Kids anyways enjoy doing it


SuperMan and SuperWoman pose:

Kids have to lie down on stomach with toe flat, arms stretched in front. On a count of 3, raise hands and legs simultaneously away from the torso. Here's the link to the video. This exercise helps in building strong core muscles 



Hula Hoop workout for kids

Hula Hoop:

Hooping teaches kids to balance core. For the child it will definitely be fun, but actually it is a great form of activity


Jump for the rod:

At the entrance of child's room, a horizontal rod close to the ceiling can be fitted. Every time the child enters and leaves the room, he/she must jump, try and touch the rod. This helps in increasing height. Alternatively, the child can also walk on toes, hands stretched upwards


Old style toilet habits:

Most of the urban families now use a shower to bathe. Gone are the olden days of using bucket and mug. But if you give it little more thought, bathing using 'bucket and mug' led to some form of body movements adding to your activity. Parents can talk to the child, explain the amount of water wasted while using shower, give it a 'for the environment' cause and lure them into olden style of bathing. Likewise, Indian commode system was a natural relaxed position for defecation. It actually makes the person squat, thereby adding to body movements 


TV time exercises:

Assuming that children spend a lot of time watching TV, why not ask them to do any of these animal exercises while enjoying visual entertainment? The child can do these exercises during the advertisement breaks or perform side leg raises and leg cycling


Mountain climb:

In this, the child acts as if he/she is climbing a mountain. Here's how it is done. 



Skipping excercise for kids

Skipping :

This is the best exercise for any age group as it invloves arms, core and legs


One to one touch:

Alternate toe touch (right hand touches left toe and vice-versa), alternate elbow and knee touch (right elbow touches left knee)



Family Car Washing

Besides the above, a lot of unstructured activity too can be done, such as dancing or car washing. Family weekends could be to gardens and parks, or a game of cricket, frisbee, cycling or any of the ball-based games. This will keep both parents and kids active, and also result in family bonding.

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