34 Tasty Fat Burning Foods

34 Foods that burn fat and help lose weight
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How you wish you could lose weight as easily as you lose your pens, keys, mobile phones and even temper! You just need to burn fat to lose weight and that's what the following list of foods will help you achieve!

When it comes to food, serving size is the key, as the food that is generally good for you may not be so if had in excess. At end of each food group you will find the nutritional facts and the serving size for each fat burning food.


Nuts & Seeds help in burn fat and lose weight


  1. Avocado

    Craving for creamy indulgence ? Avocado is the answer. Avocado with its low carb, good fibre and fat content serves as the ideal dip or spread. Most of fat is the heart healthy MUFA which will help to achieve a flat belly.

    Avocados are best suited to make guacamole - a creamy dip. Add in some herbs and chillies to boost your metabolism.

  2. Coconut

    Coconut contains fatty acids called  MCT ( medium chain triglycerides) which are  thermogenic in nature. This fat forces the body to burn more calories and increase metabolism. Coconut also reduces appetite i.e. decreasing caloric intake. As per research, coconut oil consumption leads to a reduction in belly fat as well. Thus, eat fat to lose fat.

    Don't forget fat equates calories too. So maintain the consumption to not more than 2 tsp coconut oil a day, along with healthy dietary habits to achieve fat loss.

  3. Flaxseeds

    Flax seeds, also called Alsi in Hindi, are rich in lignan and protein which help increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Flaxseeds are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which modulate obesity-related genes, thereby potential to put on weight. 

    How to use Alsi ? Garnish your salads with flaxseeds, powder and add them to your home-made atta mixes or simply eat them as is.

  4. Chia seeds

    Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and proteins - all of which aid in weight loss. Chia seeds swell i.e. absorb water and thus occupy more space in your tummy making you feel full.

    How to use them? Naturally thicken shakes and porridges using these tiny but mighty seeds.

    However, research on anti-obesity potential of chia seeds has been controversial. A Single food cannot be miraculous, it's always a holistic approach that works.

  5. Walnuts

    The fibre and protein content of walnuts produce hormones which give a feeling of fullness. The physical structure of walnuts is such that it requires mastication or chewing for a long time.The omega-3 fatty acids in walnut helps burn fat.

    All of this makes Walnuts ideal for a mid-meal snack.

  6. Almonds

    Almonds are rich in mono-unsaturated fats. As per research, these fats help in achieving a flat belly if eaten with each meal.

    MUFA is also found in peanuts, seasame seeds, pistachio and avocado. Nuts are great way to add crunchiness to your salads, porridges and shakes


But, how much should I eat ? How much fat does it contain ? It’s all sorted in the table below -

Nuts and oilseeds Protein(g) Healthy Fats (g) Fibre (g) Calories(kcal)
Avocado puree ( 1 tbsp ) 0.5 2 1 24
Shredded Coconut (1 tbsp) 0.5 5 1 53
Flaxseeds ( 1.5 tbsp) 3 7 4 75
Chia seeds ( 1.5 tbsp) 3 6 5 70
Walnuts (3 no.) 2 10 1 98
Almonds (4-5 no.) 3 8 2 87


Proteins / Calcium in Dairy contribute towards reducing fat


  1. Egg

    Needless to mention, egg is a complete protein. Proteins help change body composition towards a more desirable one. If the cholesterol content of egg yolk is bothering you, consume 2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk.

    Recent research says egg yolk is rich in an anti-obesity compound . Besides, choline found in eggs prevents deposition of fat in liver.

  2. Lean meat

    When you remove the extra fat around the meat, what you get is lean meat.  So, chicken without skin and mutton without the marbled fat should be your preferred options. It is high in Protein and low in fat thus making you feel full without adding extra pounds.

    Another reason for you to eat lean protein is the amino acids, which get converted to carnitine in the body and help in burning fat.

    However, cooking style matters. Opt for broiling, braising, steaming, baking, grilling, roasting, microwaving, poaching or sautéing. 

  3. Fish

    Fish contain the essential omega-3 fatty acids which control the increase in size and number of fat cells. They also help in changing body composition i.e. decreasing fat mass and increasing muscle mass. 

    To top it, fish is a good source of proteins and Vitamin D too. And how does Vitamin D help? Well, this vitamin inhibits the receptor involved in formation of fat cells. 

    Here again, how you cook matters too. Fried fish is of course is not a good option. Try baking, roasting or grilling your fish.

  4. Milk

    Did you know that if your blood calcium levels are low, you are much likely to gain weight. Studies report that milk calcium supports fat breakdown and inhibits fat formation. Milk provides other bio-active components too which aid in weight loss.

    Does milky tea and coffee count as milk intake ? NO. Tannins in tea and oxalates in coffee bind with calcium in milk. This calcium is then not available to your body.

    Milk can be consumed as is, or you can add some turmeric or dates and nuts for flavour. Buttermilk, curd and cream cheese too serve as sources of dairy calcium.

Find below summary of fats in above foods and the amount to consume.

Dairy and Meat Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbohydrate(g) Calories (kcal)
Whole egg ( 1no) 6 5 0.5 72
Lean meat (100g = a deck of playing cards) 26 0.5 0 100
Fish ( ½ salmon) 23 5 0 131
Milk ( 1 cup - 150ml ) 5 6 8 96


Pulses help in burning fat and gaining muscle


  1. You don’t need to avoid your favourite chickpea (chhole) and rajmah. They too are your ffb - friends in fat-burning. Pulses, a good source of protein, compel the body to spend more energy in digesting them. Proteins add to satiety value too.

    To add to the goodness, pulses have outer bran (chilka) which provide fibre that help in providing fullness. Pulses are also a source of leucine, an amino acid which helps in fat loss and muscle gain.

    At a given time, you will consume a cup of pulse. So, what’s the nutrient content of that -

Pulses Protein (g)

Fat (g)

Carbohydrate (g) Fibre(g) Calories (kcal)
One cup  cooked pulse 8 0.5 16 3 106


Fruits that are sweet and help in losing weight


  1. Apples

    Apples could be your best mid-meal option, keeping you away from hunger-induced cravings. Make sure you eat apples with the skin, because that’s where the fibre and anti-oxidants are. Fibre makes the food go farther, leaving you feeling full and energetic.

  2. Berries

    Strawberries, blueberries or raspberry...berries are rich in fibre and anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help your body get rid of toxins that cause the weight gain.

    They are sweet and juicy too. When your craving for some sweets, bite the berry. By doing so, you save yourself from fat and sugar loaded sweet foods.

  3. Guava

    Skin of guava is rich in pectin and seeds are rich in lignan, both are fibres. Eating whole guava ensures you get goodness of both - skin and seeds.

    The act of munching and chewing the whole fruit provides satiety and acts as an efficient mid-meal snack. And guess what, guava is sweet too!

  4. Watermelon

    Watermelon has low energy density ie. it provides just 0.3 kcal per gram. Even if you end up eating a bowl of watermelon, you feel full but have consumed less calories. That’s the secret about watermelons.

    Plus, watermelon is 91% water, thus helping you stay hydrated. Dehydration leads to water retention making you feel bloated.

    One must note that the white portion of watermelon ( which normally hits the dustbin) is a source of arginine, an amino acid. In the body, arginine get’s converted to growth hormone - supports muscle gain and fat loss.

  5. Pear

    Do you crave for sweet post lunch? Try the sweet juicy treat of pear. Studies show that eating pears thrice a day and following a healthy diet will ensure weight loss.

    Pear has the potency to inhibit fat formation and aid fat breakdown. And one pear is just 25 calories!

  6. Amla

    Amla is the richest source of Vitamin C. In our body, Vitamin C helps in the production of carnitine, a fat burner. Thus, Vitamin C helps lose weight. If not amla, one can target guava,lemon and oranges too.

  7. Pomegranate

    The seeds of pomegranate are rich in lignan, a dietary fibre and punicic acid which helps decrease body fat mass. Active component in pomegranate - punicalagin and ellagic acid inhibit enzyme involved in fat formation.

    Those red tiny pieces indeed have great fat-burning potential!

Amongst all fruits, which is the most juicy, fibrous and contains least sugar? Don’t need to scroll up and down. Find the answer below (also note amounts to be eaten at a given time)

Fruits Water (g) Fibre (g) Sugar (g) Calories ( kcal)
Apple ( 1 medium) 86 2.4 10 52
Strawberry (4-5 no. ) 135 3 7 48
Watermelon ( 1 bowl ) 135 0 9 45
Guava ( 1 medium) 81 5 9 68
Pear ( 1 medium) 84 3 10 57
Amla (¼ small) 9 0.4 0.6 5
Pomegranate (½ medium) 55 3 10 58


Vegetables as fat burners


  1. Cruciferous vegetables

    Processed food, plastic cans, air fresheners, microwave popcorn, non-stick pans contain chemicals called obesogens. These obesogens act as ‘endocrine disruptors’ - interfere with hormones, encourage body to form fat cells and alter metabolism - thus making you gain weight.

    Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts contain 3,3-DIM (Diindolylmethane) which block xenoestrogens( a type of obesogen), thus protecting you from environment’s fattening agents.

  2. Egg Plant

    Eggplant, commonly known as brinjal has negligible fat and is a low calorie food. Eggplant contains chlorogenic acid, which has the potential to reduce body weight and regulate obesity-related hormones.

  3. Cucumber

    Did you know? Cucumber is 95%  water and yet is such a crunchy veggie. Your jaws will have a tough job bitting the cucumber. The energy you spent in eating and digesting cucumber is more than the caloric value of cucumber itself. Cucumber, hence is a negative calorie food. Other examples of negative calorie foods are bottle gourd (dudhi/calabash, tomatoes,celery, greens, asparagus and brocolli.

    Cucumbers are great additions to your salads and help in satiety, you thus eat less of the main meal. (provided you eat with the skin on)

Many vegetables are water-rich. They provide hardly any calories but are rich in antioxidants and certain vitamins and minerals. They thus deserve a place on your plate. Most of them classify as negative calorie foods. Have a look -

Vegetables (100g) Water (g) Carbohydrates(g) Fibre(g) Calories (kcal)
Cucumber 95 4 0.5 15
Eggplant 92 6 3 25
Bottle gourd 95 4 0.5 14
Tomato 94 4 0.9 20
Asparagus 93 4 2 20
Broccoli 89 7 2 34
Spinach 91 4 2 23
Celery 95 3 1 16


Healthy Cereals goodness includes fat burning ability


  1. Whole millets

    Millets are nutritious grains, packed with fibre and protein - the fat burning agents. Fibre keeps your stomach feeling full for longer time. Proteins take time to digest, thus you are bound to stay away from the packet of chips.

    So, it’s the millet that does the wonder.

    Next time you think of eating whole grain foods, don’t jump to whole grain biscuits and crackers, instead consume real and natural whole grains. Make your chappatis of bajra, jowar or ragi. And guess what, millets are gluten free too !

  2. Buckwheat  

    Buckwheat, commonly called kuttu, is not just an upwaas food. The ‘resistant protein’ in buckwheat is known to have anti-obesity effects. Fibre in buckwheat makes it a ‘bulky’ food, which takes up space in your stomach. Thus you do not overeat during meals.

    What can I make of kuttu? Buckwheat can be easily incorporated in dishes like pancakes, chillas, rice preparations and even gujarati specialities dhokla and handva! You can pop the buckwheat grain too and enjoy a different version of popcorn.

  3. Bulgur wheat

    You may not have heard of it. But, dalia/bulgur wheat does help you lose an inch or two. Dalia is low in fat and high in fibre - that’s a great combo.  Your body spends energy in breaking those fibres. More energy spent means more calories burnt resulting in weight loss.

    Dalia could be your replacement for rice in khichdi, or if your bored of oats for breakfast, try masala dalia.

  4. Oats

    Oats provide with fibre and proteins - both help in achieving a fullness factor and get your mind off cravings. Oats absorb water and swell, thus add bulk to your diet.

    How to use oats? Oats can be great replacements for semolina and rice in dishes such as upma, idli and uthapa. You can enjoy them in a simple porridge form too.

  5. Quinoa

    Quinoa provides good amount of fibre and protein and hence is a good candidate for prolonging fullness. When you are not hungry, you do not binge.

    Quinoa can be used to replace rice. Besides, quinoa can also be used to make salads and sandwich fillings.

  6. Amaranth

    Amaranth, more commonly known as Rajgira is not just an upwaas food. Tremendous amount of research on this tiny grain states that it is a fabulous grain. Amaranth reduces levels of ghrelin - hunger hormone ( makes you eat more ) and improves levels of leptin - anti-obesity hormone. The fibre and protein content are added bonus.

    Have you ever tried amaranth popcorn? It’s a must try. It will soon become your favourite snack item.

Amongst all the cereals, which contains highest amount of protein and fibre, but lowest carbohydrates ? Find your answer below


(Serving size - 30g = 3tbsp / one cup cooked)
Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrate (g) Fibre(g) Calories (kcal)
Whole millets 3 1 19 3 113
Bulgur wheat 4 0.3 19 4 102
Buckwheat 4 1 19 3 103
Oats 5 2 17 3.3 117
Quinoa 4 2 17 2 110
Amaranth 4 2 17 2 111


Low Calorie Sweet Potato helps in weight loss

Roots and tubers

  1. Sweet potato

    Can sweet tasting foods help lose weight? Yes, they can. Sweet potato is one such food. Sweet potato contains lots of water and thus a low calorie food. Water and fibre content both help in adding bulk and filling the stomach.

    Besides, chlorogenic acid found in sweet potato helps burn fat. Chlorogenic acid lowers fat mass and influences activity of enzymes and hormones related to obesity.

    Simply boil  sweet potato, roast it and garnish with lime and chilli. Your chatpata, filling and low calorie snack is ready.  

    You must ideally consume one medium - long and fat sweet potato (85g) , which will provide you with -

  Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbohydrate(g) Fibre(g) Water(g)
Sweet potato 2 0 4 3 66


Foods that help in burning fat


  1. Red chilli

    Hot spicy chillies enhance thermic effect of food i.e. body burns more calories in digesting spicy food. Studies also say that red chilli saves you from eating excess.

    So, spice up your soups, curries and parathas.

  2. Butter/Ghee

    Butter or ghee contains CLA i.e. conjugated linoleic acid which helps in mobilisation of stubborn fats. But, quantity matters too!! A tsp of ghee in your khichdi should be it.

  3. Water

    Water not only fills your stomach , but it also boosts your metabolism. ie helps burn fat. Drink 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day to ensure you are not dehydrated. Also, drinking water 20-30 minutes before your meals helps suppress appetite and aid in weight loss.

  4. Coffee

    For most of us, the day does not begin without coffee. Coffee is not just a beverage , but a fat-burner too. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid present in coffee helps increase energy expenditure ie burn more calories.

    But,excess of good food is bad. This applies to caffeine too. Drinking excess can cause headaches and sleep disturbances. 2-3 cups in a day should suffice.

  5. Green tea

    Green tea contains anti-oxidant catechin which helps in burning fat and reducing body weight. Green tea also modulates obesity-related genes.

    But how much is enough ? 3-4 cups a day is what it takes to get the benefits.

  6. Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate ( atleast 70% cocoa) contains theobromine which acts as a pancreatic lipase inhibitor. It prevents digestion of fats and thus helps fight obesity.

    Next time you crave for dessert, prefer dark chocolates ( just 2 square pieces) It saves you from the guilt!

If you have read and grasped till here, pat yourself.  The content has been exhaustive. So, as a concluding note - here’s compiling all the 34 fat burners, in order of their potency( better take a screenshot of this! )

Your list of fat burning foods…
1.Green tea 11.Lean meat 21.Guava 31.Bulgur wheat
2.Black Coffee 12.Fish 22.Pomegranate 32.Whole millets
3.Spices (esp red chilli pepper) 13.Egg 23.Cucumber 33.Dark chocolate
4. Water 14.Milk 24.Egg Plant 34. Butter/Ghee
5.Walnuts 15.Pulses 25.Broccoli  
6.Almonds 16.Berries 26.Sweet Potato  
7.Flax seeds 17.Watermelon 27.Oats  
8.Chia seeds 18.Amla 28.Quinoa  
9.Coconut 19.Apple 29.Amaranth  
10.Avocado 20.Pear 30.Buckwheat  

Veg, non-veg, vegan or eggetarian !! Who said you need to starve yourself to lose weight? There’s a whole lot of things you can eat .

Include these foods in your diet, increase your body’s fat-burning potential and don’t forget to hit the gym.
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