7 Smart and Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

Healthy Diabetic Snacks
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Clock struck 5pm, and you are hungry again! Its nearly 3 hours since you had lunch and another 3 hours to go before having dinner. Most often you would order for a samosa, vada, some chaat item or open a pack of biscuits, chips or noodles. It may fill your stomach instantly, but that snack also fills you with guilt for making an unhealthy choice!  Instead, why not try some healthy yet tasty snack options.

If you wish to lose weight or simply eat healthy, snack forms an integral part, especially if you are a diabetic. Smart snack choices will keep your blood sugar level in control and also avoid hunger pangs, cravings and overeating in the next meal.

Here are some surprisingly healthy snacks for diabetics:


Fistful of unsalted & unsweetened nuts such as almonds/ walnuts/ pistachios along with few dry fruits such as 8-10 raisins/ 2-3 dates are quickest nutrient dense snacks on the go. 

Home-made popcorns

Ready to eat popcorns are often high in sodium and contain unhealthy fats too. Thus, it's better to make pop corn at home, and pack them in a zip lock pouch or airtight container for a handy snack. Likewise, bajra, jowar, amaranth and quinoa can be popped too.

Chaat options

If you enjoy something chatpatta and can spare some time, try these. Boiled sweet corns, sprouts, sweet potato topped with lime, pepper powder and coriander or chowpatty special chana chaat are great options.

Roasted snacks

A variety of roasted snacks are available in market. A bowl of whole grain puffs/ roasted chana  along with puffed rice with a sprinkling of chaat masala will make a healthy and tangy snack. As puffed rice increases blood glucose level faster, consuming in moderate amounts along with chana & vegetables is suggested. Roasted chiwda, a calorie modified version of traditional chiwda  can be enjoyed once in awhile,  though in moderation as it is not completely fat or salt free.  

Dips and spreads

A bowl of plain home-made curd or hung curd with seasoning such as garlic, mint/veggies works as a great dip to go with carrot, beetroot and cucumber sticks. You can also try salsa, guacamole, hummus or peanut chutney topped over wheat lavash cracker


Yes, diabetic person can eat fruits. Let's be specific - whole fruits i.e. with the skin on. Do not peel apples and pears. By doing so, you are missing out on the benefits of fibre and phytochemcials. Besides, when and how you eat matters too. Best time is an hour prior meal or two hours post meal. Fruits such as chickoo, banana, custard apple can be eaten too, but in small amounts


This ready to eat crisp Gujarati snack can be stored and carried easily.Top it with some cut veggies, sprouts and green chutney to make it more nutritious. One medium size or two small ones would suffice your hunger. A word of caution - there are many varities of khakra that may contain excess oil and salt. So, opt for home-made khakra's - made of bajra, moong or mix grain rather than the regular wheat ones
Happy snacking!
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