Purple Kaddu reviews Lay's Baked Sunkissed Tomato Flavour Lay's Baked Sunkissed Tomato Flavour contains 138 Calories per 30 gm Find calorie count, nutrition facts and preferences on low fat, low sugar, low salt and high protein food products.

Lay's Baked Sunkissed Tomato Flavour

Crispies & Namkeen

  • 138
  • 30 gm(Small Bowl)
  • 2.6 km
Nutrients Good & Bad for you

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  • "Zero Trans Fat" & ''Trans Fat free'' does not always mean NO Trans Fat
    Trans Fats are one type of fatty acid formed during the food manufacturing process, which when consumed tend to increase the blood cholesterol level.

    A claim of the term “Trans-fat free” or Zero Trans Fat on a food label means, where trans-fat is less than 0.2 g per serving of food, this is as per the current Indian food laws.

    Therefore, it is important to check the serving size of the product you are consuming, have more than one serving and the nutrient will pile up.

  • High in Fat

    Calories in a food come from carbohydrates, protein and fat. The above product however has more calories from fat, which is not desirable and thus is considered “high in fat”.

    So think again before you go binging on it, as every gram of fat matters!

  • Is the "Baked' option all good?
    We generally tend to choose the baked option for any snack be it chips or anything else thinking that it is healthier.

    If the definition for Health only means Less Fat and lower calories than the Baked option is for you. But decrease in fat comes with cost, there is increase in salt (i.e. sodium) and sugar. The reason behind this increase is that to achieve the same flavour as the fried option more salt and sugar is required in the baked version of the snack.

    So it is important that you eat moderately as more baked snack you munch more salt and sugar you consume. 

    Also check the ingredients of both the versions of the snack, as a Potato in a fried version of chips at times is replaced by Potato Flakes, Edible Starch and Wheat Flour in the baked version.
  • Highly Processed!
    Additives are added to the packaged foods for different reasons varying from increasing shelf life, to provide flavour and texture, increasing nutrition quality or required to manufacture some types of food. 

    One of the ways to determine the degree of Processing is the number of additives you find in the ingredient list. The higher the number of additives greater is the degree of processing. Additives can be identified by looking for ingredients that begin with 'E' and have a number in them. 

    It is generally recommended that food that is closer to nature is better hence it is better to choose food products with lesser number of additives.

Disclaimer:Product Analysis is based on general practices in the field of Nutrition. Please check with or consult a qualified and licensed medical professional for its suitability to you.