Purple Kaddu reviews Rajam's Snack Murukku Rajam's Snack Murukku contains 152 Calories per 30 gm Find calorie count, nutrition facts and preferences on low fat, low sugar, low salt and high protein food products.

Rajam's Snack Murukku

Crispies & Namkeen

  • 152
  • 30 gm(Small Bowl)
  • 2.9 km
Nutrients Good & Bad for you

Products in ‘Crispies & Namkeen’ category range from 0.5 - 4

Current Product
  • High in Fat

    Calories in a food come from carbohydrates, protein and fat. The above product however has more calories from fat, which is not desirable and thus is considered “high in fat”.

    So think again before you go binging on it, as every gram of fat matters!

  • Know your Ingredient- Edible Vegetable oil
    Have you ever read the ingredients of any biscuit or any snack item and wondered what "edible  vegetable oil" meant? 

    The term "vegetable oil" refers  to oil (i.e. Fat) extracted from plant and is liquid at room temperature. Edible vegetable oils are used in food for cooking as well as supplement. Liquid oil usually is source of unsaturated fatty acid, the source of essential fatty acids.

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